Editing And Rewriting

As writers we are always writing and rewriting our work.  I figured out something today, as I was looking over my works for my portfolio, I noticed that I missed some simple stuff, the last time that I was edited it.  Simple things like awkward sentences, weird words in places and other things that I should have caught the first time.  Over the past couple years, I have figured the best ways to edit your own work.

1. Use text – speech on your computer.

It’s already on your computer and it is a great way to hear mistakes you missed.  You can also pick different voices to read to you, which is kind of fun.

2. Have a friend that you trust read you work.

Over the past few years, I have meet a couple people that have help me a lot with editing and rewriting my work.  Yes , Ali and Charles, I’m talking about you.  This is a big help and fresh eyes can find errors that yours can’t sometimes.

3. Read it out loud to yourself or someone else.

If you not a fan of having a computer talk to you, you can just hear your story in your own voice.  This will help you identify those awkward sentences and errors you missed when you read it to yourself.

4. Read you work backwards.

I know this might sound weird and I thought it did too but it works.  When you read it backwards you see things in a totally different light.

These are the some of the methods.  What do you do when you’re editing your work?


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