Jennifer Rose earned her BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. While there she wrote for a monthly newsletter titled, “The Navigator.” In addition, she was an active officer in both the Student Government and Pride Club.

Although Jennifer does not believe in labels, she considers herself a horror writer because she likes a good scare, as well as thinking of imaginative ways to murder her characters. Stepping out of her comfort zone is a challenge she welcomes, and will happily dive into whatever genres she deems worthy.

 Jennifer was raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, where the most entertaining summer activity was jumping off an old iron train bridge,into the Allegheny River. Inspired by this activity, Jennifer is currently constructing a young adult manuscript about the last summer before adulthood. She is also penning a post-apocalyptic novel, which features Lucifer and the Antichrist as the protagonists. When she is not working on her masterpieces, she likes to spend time with her husband, four kids, and her cat Cecelia (CeeCee).





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